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  Daily Holiday and vocations Daily Holiday and vocations Daily Holiday and vocations Daily Holiday and vocations  
  small room middle room big room Deluxe room The hall of building B
Morning tea ¥150 ¥200 ¥150 ¥200 ¥300 ¥300 ¥300 ¥300 No limited for consumption
Lunch ¥300 ¥300 ¥300 ¥300 ¥300 ¥300 ¥300 ¥300 No limited for consumption
Dinner ¥600 ¥600 ¥600 ¥600 ¥600 ¥600 ¥600 ¥600 No limited for consumption
Karaoke ¥200 ¥200 ¥250 ¥250 ¥300 ¥300 ¥600 ¥600 No limited for consumption
Notes: If karaoke small room’s consumption up to 800 RMB, middle room’s up to 1000 RMB, big room’s consumption up to 1200 RMB, the boot fee will be free. ( the boot fee isn’t included in consumption)
  Business hours for morning tea:6:45—11:30 Business hours for lunch:12:00—14:00
  Business hours for dinner:17:00—21:00 Business hours for karaoke:21:00—01:00
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