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Hotel’s recreation center was established in1993. All of our technicians are professionally trained and skilled. Careful pushing, knocking, rubbing and kneading can help you relax your muscles and get rid of fatigue and soreness. Nowadays, we have more than 100 private rooms, 100 skilled health- care practitioners, an elegant and open lounge, decks and VIP room. All equipment are readily available e.g. sauna, steam bath and others. You can enjoy cupping, scraping, aromatherapy massage, physiotherapy, and swordsmen here. For these years, our center was recognized by consumers for its first-class service and professional skills. And it is the ideal place for your recreation.

Hours: 12:00(noon)-02:00(am)

Location: Block A, five-story

Service hotline: 0662—3279053

Health care project

Deluxe VIP Room   268 RMB/ 90 minutes

VIP Room   198 RMB/ 90 minutes

Common Room  120 RMB/ 90 minutes

Sauna (VIP Room)  100 RMB each person

Sauna Room       60 RMB each person